Convert facebook videos to mp3. fb to mp3 converter.

how to download facebook videos and convert them to mp3?

To download facebook video as mp3, simply paste facebook video URL into the white box above, then hit red GO button. After a few moments new page will load with facebook to mp3
converter button and all the possible video download options as well. To convert facebook video to mp3, hit the big green button, wait a few seconds, it will display the progress
of conversion, and download will start automatically as soon as conversion is complete. To download facebook video, right-click on any of the offered options and select Save Link as.

why video doesn’t download, but starts playing instead?

It is normal browser behavior, some videos start playing, others may download after 1 click. The Big Internet doesn’t want you to download video, they want you to watch it online over
and over, spending data, incurring charges, etc.. Instead, download video, and you can watch it a 1000 times without any data spending.. Isn’t it great? In any case, to have video
download instead of playing, simply Right-Click on the video download button, and select Save Link As to download and save video file.

can we convert live facebook video streams to mp3?

Yes you can! And should! But only when broadcast ends. Or breaks into new piece.. Quite often long broadcasts break up into 3-4hr pieces, as soon as such piece appears – we can
help download it. Until then you’ll just have to watch it live, sarrr. Facebook has come up with its own way of doing live streaming, live streams can only be watched on facebook
or in a facebook-sourced window, which seriously complicates download of their streaming metadata.. But we’re working on implementing a secret live stream downloader for facebook,
check back once a week or so, issssa coming!!..

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can we convert private facebook videos to mp3 and download?

Yes you can! Although not on this website. While we support open internet and free video streams everywhere, it is morally incorrect to download videos that were marked
private. The reasoning behind it is usually attempts to embarass, discredit or some other negative stuff, which we here do not condone to. Also you will definitely need some kind
of browser extension for this. And we pride ourselves on being an online service. That is online only. Youtubemp3 always wins..

do you have a facebook mp3 converter browser extension?

Yes, we do. But it is not literally an extension, it’s just a bookmark-let, and it’s described above. All you do is drag-n-drop that little blue link into your browser’s bookmarks
bar, and later when you are on a page where facebook video is playing, simply hit that bookmark, and you’ll be instantly redirected to fbmp3, video link aready entered and ready
for you to press GO button to start fb video to mp3 converter process.

where do you find saved facebook video that was downloaded?

Since our website is just that, – a website, – it must be accessed with a browser. So the download is also handled by the browser (chrome, firefox, etc), and is saved into default
download forlde. If you download video, you can right-click the link and pick Save Link As to actually select where to download video to. Mp3 will download into browser’s default
downloads folder. Usually browsers have a link in their menu to the downloads page, which has all your previous downloads listed and each can be accessed by right-click and Open
File Folder option. In Chrome this list can be opened with CTRL+J key combo.

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